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ZBB Energy Secures Energy Management and Storage System Contract for Cayman Islands Commercial Property

Leading Edge Energy Management and Energy Storage System Is the Latest Success for ZBB in the Commercial and Industrial Building Market.

MILWAUKEE, WI – ZBB Energy Corporation (NYSE MKT: ZBB), a leading developer of innovative energy management solutions serving the commercial and industrial building and utility markets, today announced the signing of a contract to provide an advanced energy management system for the largest “off-grid” renewable energy installation in the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Technology Centre (CTC), a 38,000 square foot office and retail complex in George Town, Grand Cayman, owned by NCB Group, will be “self-sustaining”, designed to operate independent of the utility grid. The system’s integration is composed of ten 50kWh ZBB’s EnerStore V3.3 ZnBr flow batteries, a ZBB EnerSection energy management system, a 380kW PV installation and an 800kW diesel generator.

“Cayman Technology Centre is setting the stage for commercial construction in Grand Cayman,” said Mathew Wight, Managing Director for NCB Group. “By integrating both solar energy with storage and geothermal technologies, CTC tenants will not only save money on their monthly utility bills but as developers, we are helping the environment and greatly reducing our carbon foot print.”

“Endless Energy selected ZBB’s energy storage and management system because it helped us provide our customer with what they wanted — energy independence; reduced energy expenses; and protection of the environment,” said Jim Knapp, owner of Endless Energy (Cayman) Limited, a leading Renewable Energy provider for sustainable building projects in the Caribbean. “We look forward to providing NCB Group and CTC with cost effective, utility quality power at a reduced cost using solar energy stored by ZBB to create one of the most environmentally friendly energy systems in the Caribbean.”

Expensive electricity rates and challenged grid energy supply in the Caribbean is expected to significantly expand the market for micro-grid systems in the region, and ZBB believes that the trend towards grid defection and off-grid, self-sustaining commercial projects will continue in the coming years.

“ZBB is focused on developing and commercializing technology that enables owners of commercial and industrial properties to maximize their energy independence and turn their buildings from an energy user to a clean energy producing asset,” said Brad Hansen, President and Chief Operating Officer. “Energy management systems for the C&I market must be capable of performing a number of applications and be highly configurable to deliver value to the operator. ZBB is pleased to be able to bring our solution to the Cayman Technology Centre project.”

About ZBB Energy Corporation
ZBB Energy Corporation (NYSE MKT: ZBB) is an applications solutions company providing advanced energy management systems critical to the transition from a “coal-centric economy” to one reliant on an enormous expansion in renewable energy. Whether part of the grid power transmission and distribution network, or behind the meter in commercial, industrial and multi-tenant buildings, ZBB Energy brings vital power control and energy storage solutions to the most pressing problems caused by the incorporation of increasingly pervasive renewable energy generating assets. ZBB Energy also provides energy management systems for off-grid applications such as island or remote power. ZBB is a global corporation, with a joint venture in AnHui, China at Meineng Energy, as well as a strategic partnership with Lotte Chemical in South Korea.


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