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Wind Farm To Blow Benefits Across Federation by December, 2011

The completion of the wind farm scheduled to be built in Belle Vue on St. Kitts is scheduled for December, 2011, Mark Tippett revealed during a public forum for energy stakeholders on Thursday, April 14 at the Ocean Terrace Inn.

Mr. Tippett, President of North Star Ltd. the company responsible for its construction, said the Government has been in discussions with his company since 2009 because of the potential for the farm, has given them the green light to start building.

Tippett said the ground-breaking for the 3.75acre energy farm should occur in July or August 2011 to officially mark the start of civil works and the construction of access roads. During the first phase of building, three 1.8mw Vestas V-100 turbine windmills will be erected and are expected to produce 5.4mw of energy output, enough power to energize 3,000 homes, he said.

Tippett said a lot of time was consumed to determine the best location for the farm and to ensure that villagers were not adversely affected by its construction. A consensus was reached to buildthe farm just above the Black Rocks area, ensuring that local residents would be comfortable.

“We are fortunate, that we were able to locate the turbines fairly far up the slope, so they will be away from housing areas,” Tippit said.

“Other physical effects are that the majority of noise tends to be produced behind the turbines and because ours are pointing into the prevailing wind, the backs will be toward that mountain. The noise tends to blow in a cone behind the turbine so the majority of the sound will be going into the mountain.”

Tippit also addressed the ‘flicker’ issue — a flashing light that can be created a the sun hits the spinning turbines at a certain angle. He said this should not affect the residents of Belle Vue.

St. Kitts will be the first island within the region to have a wind farm constructed by North Star. Tippit said this is because of the forward thinking by the Ministry with responsibility for energy.

“I understand that the Federation has had a Draft National Energy Policy for some time, but with the rising fuel price the Ministry of Public Works, Utilities and Energy saw the wisdom in allowing some projects to run parallel while they were working on the policy,” he said. “We are an example of this.”

He listed the benefits from the wind farm as a decreased dependence on diesel fuel and oil, an added feature for tours within Tourism, increased local employment and a reduction in carbon emissions.



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