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Wind energy proposal on the table, again


Wind turbines

The use of wind energy to power homes and businesses in Antigua & Barbuda is once again being proposed, this time by a US-based company which says its has presented an offer to the government.


C-Net/Clayco, is proposing a two-phase project over the next four years.


Clayco Executive Vice President David Moses said phase one would be to develop a 25-megawatt wind farm which would be on-line by the end of 2015.


“Phase two would add another 25 MW facility producing power by the first quarter of 2018,” he added.



Preliminary information indicates that each phase would see ten 2.5 MW turbines installed at Crabb’s Peninsula, though that figure could change slightly up or down.


Errol Bailey, of Antiguan heritage, is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of C-Net. He told OBSERVER media that he became aware of the nation’s energy needs on his travels to Antigua to visit his family in English Harbour.


Bailey then contacted Clayco to form a partnership to bring renewable energy to the nation.


“It was last June or July that we did our feasibility studies in Antigua. We met with (Prime Minister) Spencer and APUA,” Bailey said.


Using data from previous studies, as well as its own research, C-Net/Clayco provided government with a Project Development Agreement.


Moses said once signed, the agreement would allow the start of the final engineering required to get a Power Purchase Agreement established and to put project financing in place.


The company’s VP noted that with the impending election, he understands that government’s focus would be elsewhere, but that his team anticipates resuming discussions in late June.


Bailey said the agreement was not about politics. “We are wide open. We will work with whichever the government is (in place),” he said.


Based on the assumption that the average household in Antigua uses 600 to 700 kilowatt hours (kWh) per month or approximately 7,800 kWh per year, C-Net/Clayco estimates that, by 2018, it could power over 23,000 homes with renewable energy.


The company said its analysis has shown that each phase of the renewable plant would save 500,000 gallons of diesel fuel every month.



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