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WERPO in Discussion for JV With Potential of Approx. 100 Million Dollars in the Caribbean

WERPO (OTC BB: BBRD) is announcing its partnership with SEEDSOWERS INVESTORS AND DEVELOPERS CO. in theCaribbean, with possible further expansion into regions in Latin America and South America. WERPO signed a partnership agreement with SEEDSOWERS, appointing Mr. Hugh V Jarvis, president/CEO of SEEDSOWERS, as WERPO’s local representative in these areas. Thus, WERPO plans to expand its reach in this region. WERPO received already Letters of Interest from a few companies in the region. This cooperation places WERPO in a perfect position to aid with the rising need for energy – through the introduction of WERPO’s unique Sea-Wave Energy Technology a sustainable and cost-effective renewable energy solution will be introduced to the Caribbean. 


Due to global warming and the rising negative effects of pollution felt around the world, there is a growing realization that we must turn to renewable energy sources. While we are seeing world leaders make plans to cut down on fuel burning and dismantling a large part of the conventional power plants in place today, this decision, without a proper recourse to supply the lost power, will just end up doing more harm – local businesses and the like will use private generators that have no filters and so harm the environment even more. For this reason, finding a sustainable renewable energy source is of the utmost importance.  


The Caribbean is a region prone to hurricanes, their destructive force a threat to the inhabitants of the region in more ways than one. Such extreme weather conditions have been on the rise in the past several years due to pollution, mostly as a result of fuel burning from years past. This reality makes wind energy unprofitable as the harsh weather condition would harm the turbines, and while solar energy has been proven unprofitable as well, it becomes clear that sea wave energy is the only possible solution. For WERPO’s sea wave energy system extreme weather conditions are welcomed as they allow for a higher capacity of energy production; WERPO’s system is unique in its durability and low maintenance costs, making it the best possible solution. However, in case the need arises, the system has several protection features in place in order to insure the safety of the various components.  


SEEDSOWERS INVESTORS AND DEVELOPERS CO. Ltd is a trading company based in Antigua & Barbuda. They operate through partnerships with various contractors in a vast array of projects, including water supply and treatment, housing construction and development, energy and more. Mr. Hugh V Jarvis is president/CEO of SEEDSOWERS has been in close contact with WERPO’s representatives for the past several months and is now officially WERPO’s representative in the region. This partnership will rely on SEEDSOWERS connections with governments and local businesses to facilitate the implementation of WERPO’s sea wave energy solution in the Caribbean, with the possibility of expanding further into regions in Latin and South America.   


Seeing as energy demands are constantly on the rise, with the energy crisis in the Caribbean causing a great deal of concern worldwide, this cooperation with SEEDSOWERS places WERPO in a perfect position to aid with the rising need for energy – through the introduction of WERPO’s unique Sea Wave Energy Technology a sustainable and cost-effective renewable energy solution will be introduced to the region. 


WERPO’s technology, originally developed by SDE Ltd. and chosen as number one in the world in its field by an independent team of researchers (PESWiki – ), has the potential to solve the energy crisis in the region while also providing a cost-effective energy source. In the process, SEEDSOWERS will insure projects in the region will stimulate the local economy. The future plans for proposed sea wave energy projects are meant to supply work to local entities and businesses, as well as supplying the region with a clean energy source in a relatively short period of time.  


Wave energy is one of the most underused resources we have available to us today and in the Caribbean, Latin America andSouth America this is glaringly obvious. WERPO’s and SEEDSOWERS’ goal is to utilize this resource and so save the region from future destruction stemming from fuel burning.  


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