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Waste to Energy on stream says SWMC official


Work on the waste to energy project is gaining momentum as a solid waste official is reporting some progress. Mr. Wilmon McCall, Operations Supervisor of the Solid Waste Management Corporation (SWMC) said currently, they are baling the waste which would be used for the project. Baling is the process in which a machine known as a baler, recently acquired by the SWMC, is used to compress the waste on the landfill in a cylindrical package and is stored for a period of time without producing gasses that can cause landfill fires.


“The baling is simply because the incinerator would require about a 180 tonnes of waste daily. We are now producing about a 130 tonnes per day and so because of that lack of about 50 tonnes, we are using the next two years to bale the waste that is being generated, and then we are going to stack that up for fuel for the next two years and when the plant is being built then we will use those as energy,” Mr. McCall said.  


Mr. McCall says he has been assured by the principals of NANNOVO, the company that will be doing the waste to energy project, that the emissions from the plant will be minimized thus reducing the risk of air pollution.  The waste to energy project will see the incineration of some 180 metric tonnes of garbage per day, converted into seven watts of electricity. Residual ash will be used to manufacture building blocks and potable water will be produced from the steam generating process. This project will solve the waste capacity problems facing the island, where the current landfill has passed its lifespan and is also a solution to challenges of recycling. 



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