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Use of Renewable Sources of Energy Encouraged in Camagüey Forum


Cuban researchers, summoned by the Centre for Appropriate Technologies in Camagüey, meet at the 3rd National Workshop on Water Supply and Use of Renewable Sources of Energy which is held in this Cuban province.   


The event is a vehicle to promote researches and initiatives, aware that the consistent further development and use of these resources will lead the country on the path of sustainable energy independence, said Ph.D. Leopoldo Gallardo, head of Cubasolar in Camagüey.    


Gallardo explained that Cuba’s dam storage capacity is over 9,000 cubic hectometers of water, and most part of the volume is used in agriculture and by the population. However, these resources are not appropriately exploited, so being the challenge of these researchers.     


Diverse papers are being discussed in the workshop, among which one can find a study on the current situation of the renewable sources of energy within Camagüey province and a research on turbines of vertical axis to generate electricity in shallow channels and the impact of extreme winds over structural loads of a wind turbines.


In addition, participants have focused their debates on the water supply to communities and on irrigation using submersible pumps as well as on the treatment and desalination of water among other issues.


Today, participants will visit the Camagüey-based Centre for Appropriate Technologies where they will learn on the work of this group who boosts the use of renewable sources of energy in Cuba.



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