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UN Praises Cuba’s Use of Renewable Sources

Vincent Kitio, Chief of the Urban Energy Section at the UN-Habitat organization praised the efforts of Cuba to spread the use of renewable energy.
Speaking to reporters in the 10th International Workshop Cubasolar 2012, which wrapped up in Santiago de Cuba, the official pointed out that Cuba is moving forward in the development of these clean energy sources at the same pace that industrialized countries, even though it is facing a blockade from the U.S. which makes access to technologies more difficult.

Cuba is one of the most active states in the UN and has always shown a vision to improve the living standards of its people and other nations, which it has proven through its collaboration in the health, education and others sectors, efforts that we are grateful for, he said.

Kitio said his participation in the scientific event pursues the quest for experience in that field to be transferred to other countries, as well as the transfer of technologies from Cuba.

He also noted as positive the work of the Cuban Society for the Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources and Environmental Respect (Cubasolar), mainly in the education of the people and the efficient use of energy for the common good.

We live in a world of troubles, where saving is paramount, he said.

The General Assembly of the Organization of the United Nations proclaimed 2012 as International Year of Sustainable Energy for All.

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