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UN: Cuba Defends Total Ban on Nuclear Weapons


Cuba defended today at the United Nations the total elimination and ban of nuclear weapons, as the only realistic way out to the threat they represent to humankind.


The issue has been pending a final solution since the General Assembly devoted to it its first resolution, in January, 1946, nearly 70 years ago, noted Cuba’s Acting Ambassador to the UN, Oscar Leon.


In his speech during the Third Meeting of the Preparatory Committee for the Conference of Revision of the Parties in charge of Examining the Nuclear Wespons Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT), scheduled for 2015, Leon said that most UN member countries are strongly demanding the immediate adoption of a Convention leading to set a deadline to eliminate and ban nuclear weapons.


He lamented that 46 years after the adoption of the NPT, most nuclear powers oppose the start of negotiations to free the world from the threat of thousands of nuclear warheads, many of them ready to use.


“They stick to the alleged power stemming from their possession, despite history and scientific research have concluded that the power of the atom as a weapon leads to genocide and annihilation of life in the planet,” he said.


According to the Cuban diplomat, the lack of political willpower has led to lack of compliance with Conferences to Examine the Treaty in 1995, 2000 and 2010.


“The reasons for such a stalemate and the measures to overcome it must be the focus of our discussions from now on, so that the forum next year have a practical, concrete result,” he suggested.


Leon ratified Cuba’s rejection of the imposition of unilateral measures and the interference of the UN Security Council in the mandate granted by the TNP to the International Atomic Energy Agency.


“Cuba reaffirms the inalienable right of states to develop research, production and peaceful use of nuclear energy,” he stressed.


Leon also highlighted the decision of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) in late January to declare the region a Peace Area, which includes rejection of nuclear weapons and of the use and threat to use nuclear weapons.



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