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UK grants $4.8 m to Wigton Windfarm


(L-R) PAULWELL ... Britain’s support crucial. FITTON ... this grant will help Wigton, Jamaica, the UK.
 (L-R) PAULWELL … Britain’s support crucial. FITTON … this grant will help Wigton, Jamaica, the UK.


 GOVERNMENT’S renewable energy programme has received a boost from the United Kingdom, which has provided a grant of $4.8 million to the Wigton Windfarm at Rose Hill, in Manchester.

The grant will fund the installation of a solar panel roof for a training lab at the facility, and the purchase of a wind turbine. Both will be used for teaching and demonstration under Wigton’s renewable energy training programme.


Addressing the signing ceremony at the facility last Thursday, Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining Phillip Paulwell said that the support of the British would assist in carrying out the mandate of increasing the use of renewable energy.


“This is to ensure that we have the appropriate facilities that can train our people to enable us to better utilise the high technology that we are being exposed to,” Paulwell said.


British High Commissioner to Jamaica David Fitton said that when the project came to him for approval late last year, he saw it as one that would be beneficial to both Jamaica and the people of the United Kingdom.


“This grant will not only help Wigton, will not only help Jamaica in the future, but will help, in an indirect way, the UK too, as we all strive for ways to explore a renewable future,” he said.


Wigton will commence its extensive renewable energy training programme by mid-2015. It will be delivered through seminars, lectures and practical demonstrations to energy professionals, academics and tertiary students. Areas of focus will be photovoltaic technologies — inlcuding solar and thermal energy — wind power, and small-scale hydro and bio-energy.




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