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The cost of a PV Solar Panel System

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Many people have asked me the cost of a Solar Panel System to power a fridge and some lights and maybe a small TV, or a house with about 3 people.


With Net-Billing in place, the thinking must change to NOT what Solar Panel System can power, but how much it can reduce your JPS bill, irrespective of your electricity consumption or type of electrical loads; air conditioner, electric stove, electric water heater, microwave, washing machine, welding plant, etc.


I have put together a very simple excel spreadsheet (attached) as a very rough guide to assist in calculating what a Solar Panel System would cost to reduce your current JPS bill to $0.00 under the Net Billing license.


Using PV Solar Panel “installed US$/watt” current rates of about us$4 for small residential to below us$3 for larger installations, simply enter the monthly kwh in the attached spreadsheet and it will compute a very approximate cost of a grid-tied Solar Panel System.


A system should have the following items at a minimum:

Solar panels and grid-tie inverter

Ac and dc disconnect switches

Lightning protection


Metal conduit for any dc cables inside the dwelling space


One reason for this information and spreadsheet is to let the buyer beware. I have been told of so many stories about people spending a lot of money and not getting the performance expected, reduction in their JPS bill, bad workmanship, questionable cable sizes, undersized components,


Most reputable practitioners in the business are members of the Solar Energy Association (JSEA). Contact them for verification:


Net Billing application and process flow can be downloaded from the OUR here:

Look down the page to the bright yellow box.

Fee: $2,000 residential, $10,000 commercial


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