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TDC Launches Solar Energy Project


TDC Group of Companies LTD has taken a major step in its thrust toward ‘going green’ with the launch of its solar energy project.


On Monday (Oct 7) top officials of TDC flipped the switch on the company’s solar panel installation at the TDC Home and Building Depot at the CAP Industrial Site, St. Kitts.


The 276 solar panels on the depot’s roof will each provide 260watts of electricity each day under normal sunny conditions.


Executive Director Glenville Jeffers informed that the renewable energy project was conceptualized in 2007 when the government removed the import duties on renewable energy equipment. He added that the Chamber of Industry and Commerce had done its part to expose its member companies to the benefits of harnessing the energy of the sun.


“The TDC Group of Companies took notice then; we saw this move as another opportunity to become involved in what had become a national effort. We used the three-pronged approach as outlined by the Ministry of Energy which has allowed us to buy into the idea of clean energy- reduce our dependency on fossil fuel generated electricity and help to lower electricity costs in operating our businesses,” he said.


Since then TDC has over the years expanded its variety of energy saving bulbs, fixtures, appliances and equipment within its retail stores, Jeffers said, to fully demonstrate the company’s commitment to the green endeavor.


TDC in January 2012 requested a license to import and install solar panels for the Depot and in May 2012 the Ministry of Energy granted them permission. Jeffers said after researching potential suppliers it was determined that Trinidad and Tobago-based Solaris Energy was the best fit.


“We were very impressed with the track record of Solaris and their level of expertise,” he said, noting that installation of the panels began in August.


Sales Executive of Solaris Energy, Edward Toppin said he was proud to be at the launch of TDC’s 72 kilowatt photovoltaic installation project.


Toppin pointed out that energy costs are a major part of a company’s expenditure and therefore any means of reducing it would improve the business’ bottom line. It also marks the beginning of a large scale solar PV installation for commercial buildings in St. Kitts and the wider Caribbean, the executive said.


“Solaris Energy is in the forefront globally for future energy solutions and we are happy to be partnering with TDC in the installation. This event is particularly pleasing to me as it shows that PV technology is actually possible, is available right here in the Caribbean, and we all know today that it works.”


He went on, “For this project we spared nothing to ensure that this installation was done exceptionally well, professionally executed to international standards, but more importantly, to the satisfaction of TDC.”


Toppin stressed that it was imperative every citizen of the Caribbean understand the importance of reducing their ecological footprint and adopt a green approach, “for which TDC today takes the lead here in the Caribbean”.


TDC Chairman Michael Morton highlighted several benefits of using solar generated electricity, including the reduction in emission of ozone-depleting gases. He pointed out that by reducing operating costs it would bring better returns to the company’s shareholders.


“One of the most important benefits is that it will reduce significantly our energy costs for this particular location. Importantly however is that it will meet and exceed the expectations of the policy expressed by the government and that is for companies to embrace the invitation and incentives given to invest in alternative energy sources.”


He said TDC, a longstanding company in the Federation, would be undertaking similar projects at other branches, including their branch in Nevis. He thanked Solaris Energy for its input and for getting the project completed well ahead of the time frame estimated.  


“We are pleased that we were able to partner with a Caribbean company, a very dynamic and progressive group, Solaris Energy to bring this project to where it is today.”



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