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Supergreen Solutions: Solar Investment Buys Lower Electricity Bills

In my experience, Bahamians are becoming increasingly interested in solar power. However, many are unsure whether they can afford it. The good news is that solar systems are more affordable than ever before. They can now be scaled to match your budget, and they can power part or all of your electricity needs. This allows you to go as big or small as you like. The question is: What if you can actually can afford solar now, but just do not know it?

Perhaps the best way to show you is with a story: Once upon a time, there were three homeowners – Clark Kent, Diana Prince, and Bruce Wayne. Each was under the control of BEC. They each had to pay BEC $350 per month for electricity, and that seemed to get more expensive every year. But they had to have electricity. So, what could they do?

One day, they heard about solar power. Clark considered it, but chose not to go solar, and kept paying $350 a month. Diana liked the idea of freeing herself from the ever-increasing BEC rates. She decided to lease a solar system, which lowered her payments to $300 a month. Bruce contacted SuperGreen Solutions Bahamas and bought all his solar equipment with a zero-down loan. His monthly payments for the solar loan were also $300 a month.

After 10 years, Clark had paid his electricity provider $52,857. Diana had made solar lease payments of $36,000. Bruce, on the other hand, had paid off his solar loan and saved more than $15,000.

Now 20 years have passed. Clark has paid his electricity provider a total of $143,974. And Diana has spent $72,000 on lease payments. Bruce has now saved more than $110,000, and is living happily ever after.

If you can afford to purchase a solar system outright, it is a ‘no brainer’. You can start saving money with a warrantied solar investment today. However, for Bahamians who are not sure they can afford a solar system, the moral of our story is if you want to live happily ever after like Bruce, contact your green product specialist today. Let them help you find ways to begin saving money.

NB: Joshua Key is general manager for SuperGreen Solutions Bahamas, located on Wulff Road next to FYP. SuperGreen Solutions is one of the premier advisors, suppliers and installers of domestic and commercial energy efficient solutions.

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