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Sun Harvest


It’s been some time coming but we are certainly happy that a concerted effort is on the way to harness the rays of the sun, with the view of lessening our dependence on fossil fuels.


Certainly, spending in excess of $800 million on the importation of fuel fuels, which was pointed out is seven per cent of our GDP, is truly unbelievable and arguably unsustainable.


Just last week Barbados joined the world in celebrating World Environment Day and started the week of activities with a launch of an important project.


At that time we heard that over 100 Government buildings across the island will be outfitted with solar electricity systems. Some may say that Barbados may be a bit behind the mark, having made so many strides with solar energy so many years ago, but better late than never. It was pointed out that we are blessed with sunshine and we should use every opportunity to store its energy.


It is admirable that Government is moving beyond smaller projects and going on to a large scale project which will lead to tremendous savings in the long run. Those trial runs have had to be accelerated, particularly as Barbados was almost held to ransom when the price of barrels of oil made jaw-dropping spikes just a few years ago. We were virtually sitting ducks.


Imagine if we had a bit more control over some of our energy generation, particularly as it relates to our essential services, recognising that at times our generators fail to kick in when we need them most.


Whereas the island is described as the number one developing country, we truly need to be showcasing that we are head and shoulders above the others as it relates to sustainable energy solutions. Certainly we have to commend plans for a waste to energy plant and the conversion of bio-mass at Andrews’ sugar factory into electricity, which together are expected to generate 50 megawatts of electricity.


Additionally, we heard of plans for the procurement of electric vehicles for the public sector, the distribution of energy efficient lights, the retrofitting of Government buildings with energy efficient technologies and the replacement of the over 25 000 street lights.


All of these initiatives, when juxtaposed, lengthen the string of projects that will not only start to see tremendous savings, but hopefully, will send a signal to both the private sector and householders that this is the way that we should be heading, so that they could take advantage of the incentives that are being made available.


With all of these new technologies, certainly there will be a need for operators and technicians which would suggest that there will be a number of new jobs that will be created in this new sector.


There will be a need for a mindset change, so that persons from a very young age will see the opportunities that exist and the new jobs that were never considered coming to the fore.


It is for this reason that a further effort will have to be made, not only to explore the opportunities that exist in terms of the new technologies, but to showcase to John Public that a sleuth of jobs are emerging and will be in high-demand within a few years.


All in all, harnessing the energy of the sun is just the first step; there is a lot more just waiting to be tapped into in the very near future.



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