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Strengthened Critical Infrastructure in the Castries Area under the Special Programme on Adaptation to Climate Change Project

Saint Lucia is one of three Caribbean countries, along with Dominica and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, participating in the GEF-World Bank-funded Special Programme on Adaptation to Climate Change (SPACC): Implementation of Adaptation Measures in Coastal Zones Project. The SPACC Project focuses on the implementation of select adaptation measures designed to address climate change impacts on biodiversity and land degradation. One of Saint Lucia’s two sub-components focuses on the Strengthened Critical Coastal Infrastructure in the Castries Area and is a pilot adaptation measure that seeks to demonstrate the design and implementation of appropriate interventions to reinforce critical infrastructure to the effects of intensified hurricanes. The Project is restricted to publicly owned buildings, which provide critical services in the event of natural disasters. The Marchand Community Centre, upon local consultation, has been selected as the building of choice for the demonstration of findings.

Part of the vision of the Government of Saint Lucia (GOSL) for the Marchand Community Centre entails enhancing the usefulness of the building as a shelter during natural disasters, given that water and electricity shortages are commonplace during and following a hurricane and other natural disasters. This vision includes the establishment of the following:

  • Water storage (both potable water from the authorised water utility company and rainwater harvesting), with requisite pumps
  • Water conservation, through the use of low-flush toilets, low water use shower heads and automatic shut-off taps
  • Generation of electricity using photovoltaic technology
  • Use of solar panels

The use of solar panels and photovoltaic technology are adaptation responses to enhance the usefulness of the Marchand Community Centre in the aftermath of a hurricane or other natural disaster, with accompanying climate change mitigation benefits. This includes the installation of a photovoltaic system on the building that would provide electricity the event of power outage. Through collaboration with the Caribbean Renewable Energy Development Programme/German Technical Assistance (CREDP/GTZ), it has been concluded that the most appropriate photovoltaic system for the building would be one that could be interconnected to the grid of the Saint Lucia Electricity Services Company Limited (LUCELEC), thus allowing for net-metering, but also equipped with storage batteries to provide power in the evening in the event that grid electricity is not promptly reconnected. The permission of LUCELEC has been sought for this proposed net metering scheme, to allow for the connection to the LUCELEC main power grid of a 2 kW photovoltaic system for the Marchand Community Centre.

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