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Staatsolie NV and Brazilians in Bio-Energy

In a few years it is possible that the State Oil Company of Suriname (Staatsolie NV) will be closing a joint venture with the Brazilian partners to proceed on a large scale of producing bio-fuel/energy for the American and European markets.

“There is still a lot of work to be done before we reach that point, but a joint venture is a possibility of the future”, said the Minister Gregory Rusland of  the Ministry of Natural Resources yesterday during a conference with the newspaper “De Ware Tijd”. Cooperation, among others in this area is a direct result of a top meeting between the president of Suriname, Ronald Venetiaan and the president of Brazil Luiz Ignacio `Lula’ da Silva, in 2008.


Earlier this month it was agreed that Brazil will support Suriname on this area through the exchange of knowledge and training. The ad-interim director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Robby Ramlakhan, indicated then that the Southern neighbor, who is the world largest producer of bio-fuel, considers Suriname and Guyana as partners to produce this form of fuel for the American and European markets.

NV. Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname

NV. Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname

In 2006 Minister Rusland already gave his mandate to Staatsolie NV to play a trigger role in developing potential bio-energy in Suriname. “Now everything is still in the orientation phase”. Brazil was the one that suggested the idea of cooperation. We are receptive to the cooperation. There have already been conversations with experts and we are now looking at the possibility of concretizing the cooperation”, says Rusland. For a considerable time Staatsolie NV has been undertaken measures towards the agricultural component by finding suitable agricultural areas.


A few weeks ago firm experts and experts from the ministry of Agriculture, Livestock-farming and Fishery (LVV) visited Wageningen. Furthermore other potential areas in the interior will be examined, says the executive.

The Minister of LVV, Stanley Raghoebarsingh says that all looks positive that the bankrupted rice company “Stichting Machinale Landbouw” (SML) at Wageningen will be taken over by Staatsolie NV. The aim is to sell SML, which was known as the one of the most modern rice company in the world in the 70’s years, to settle the debts of millions USA dollars.

Source “De Ware Tijd” by Eliézer Pross

(translated in English by Angelie Yorks)

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