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Israel offers to help ease Jamaica’s energy crisis with their developments in renewable energy

Moshe Sermoneta, Israel’s ambassador to Jamaica, says his country is interested in helping Jamaica solve its energy crisis.

Sermoneta also said Jamaica’s agriculture and tourism could benefit from closer relations between both countries.

“Israel is a country that lacks natural resources. We don’t have oil, we don’t have a lot of gas … . We have been forced to find alternative sources of energy, and solar is one of them,” Sermoneta said.

He noted that many Israelis have made technological advancements in the area of renewable energy, and said Jamaica could benefit from these developments.

“I think we should try bringing together this expertise with the needs of Jamaica and see how they converge,” Sermoneta said.

The new ambassador was in the island last week presenting his credentials to Governor General Sir Patrick Allen.

On Friday, Sermoneta said while he was not seeking to interfere in the way the Government operates, “if the Government of Jamaica is looking for solutions for energy conservation and alternative energy in order to try and become a little bit dependent on oil, we are there to help, we are there to cooperate.”

The ambassador said he met with Energy Minister Clive Mullings and has extended an invitation to him to visit Israel to see what lessons Jamaica could learn from his country in the area of renewable energy.

Reduce dependency on oil

Barren of oil and surrounded by nations, the Israeli government has said it is aiming at taking renewable energy technology to a level where the world could significantly reduce its dependence on oil.

Israel has also been pioneering techniques of drip irrigation, with an estimated 92 per cent of its wastewater treated, and around 75 per cent used for agricultural irrigation.

No wonder Sermoneta is pointing to two international conferences on water technology which are to be held in his country. He has suggested that Jamaica could benefit from attending those events.

“Jamaica does not lack water resources, but I think we learn how to use our limited water resources. We manage them better, and I think there can be an interest in that,” he said.

“Israel would really be happy to see high-level participation from the Jamaican Government in these two conferences.”

Sermoneta has also pointed to tourism as another possible area of collaboration.

“I would really want to see more Jamaicans in Israel. I definitely want to see more Iraselis in Jamaica. This is a beautiful country. Israel is attracted to this kind of tourism. They love what Jamaica has to offer,” the ambassador said.

He also extended an invitation to sprint sensation Usain Bolt to visit his homeland.


Source: Jamaica Gleaner

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