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SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: The Anguilla Renewable Energy Office (AREO)

What is the AREO?

The Anguilla Renewable Energy Office (AREO) was founded in 2008 to promote a transition to renewable energy production on Anguilla. Its mission is to spearhead the successful implementation of the Anguilla Model – a 10 year plan to make Anguilla Energy Independent.

The AREO works in cooperation with The Anguilla National Trust (ANT), and is housed in its building in Anguilla’s capital, The Valley.

The AREO and the Anguilla National Energy Committee (ANEC) were instrumental in drafting Anguilla’s new National Energy Policy.

The Anguilla National Energy Committee (ANEC) is a private and public sector group of volunteers funded by the Government of Anguilla and the Overseas Territories Environment Programme (OTEP).

The Energy Committee would like to thank OTEP wholeheartedly for its ongoing support of the AREO – it has been instrumental in the AREO’s success to date.

The AREO’s activities are coordinated by Beth Barry, Renewable Energy Coordinator who reports directly to the ANEC.

The ANEC comprises:

Beth Barry
Renewable Energy Coordinator

What’s been done so far?

Lots! Since the formation of the committee in 2008 the AREO has consistently promoted the vision of an energy independent future and has created an extremely high level of awareness and support throughout Anguilla’s community for the transition to renewable energy. It has also achieved the complete support and confidence of the Government of Anguilla, ANGLEC and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The AREO is currently assisting the Government in the process of bringing Clean Energy Providers to Anguilla to bid on Solar, Wind and Waste to Energy Projects. Anguilla has hosted visits from a number of International Developers in these sectors who are excited by the opportunities presented by the Anguilla Model.

Some of the AREO’s recent activities are detailed below:

Visit of Robert F Kennedy Jr

In April 2011 the AREO partnered with Viceroy Anguilla in organizing an important meeting where world-renowned environmentalist Robert F Kennedy Jr addressed the Government of Anguilla on the importance of developing a Carbon Neutral economy. Read more here:Robert Kennedy Jr Address – The Angullian

AREO Public Information Film

In May 2011 the AREO’s public information advertisement will air on Anguilla’s Tourism Channel eyeTV.

AREO’s Monthly Email Newsletter Reaches 1000 Local and International Subscribers

Since its launch a year ago the AREO has produced 12 issues of a monthly online newsletter – “Think Globally, Act Locally” which promotes Energy Independence and the creation of a Green Anguilla movement through a mix of Local, Regional and International news – it also routinely promotes a local Anguillian business or individual – who is “making a difference”.

To view copies of the newsletters visit: AREO newsletter archive

To sign up to receive copies of the newsletter please email Beth Barry at

To view the original press release click here.

AREO Presents at Midterm Economic Review on
“Taking Control of Anguilla’s Energy Future Today”

During the recent economic review, Beth Barry was asked to present on how Renewable Energy could be a driver for economic change in Anguilla. For a copy of Beth’s presentation please click here.

AREO and ANGLEC attend the Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum

Beth Barry and ANGLEC’s GM Tomie Hodge attended the most important regional forum on Renewable Energy Issues – for more information visit this article from The Anguillian newspaper, click here.

AREO Organizes Energy Efficiency Workshop for Tourism Community

One of the AREO’s biggest goals is to encourage energy efficiencies.  We organized this well attended conference in 2010. For more information read the press release here.

AREO & Green Anguilla Host Largest Ever Earth Day Celebration for Anguilla’s Primary School Children, April 2010

For Earth Day 2010, the AREO and Green Anguilla undertook an ambitious plan to talk to all the primary schools in Anguilla about the importance of protecting the environment and building an energy independent future.

Running up to the day were presentations in schools, and children were encouraged to make posters and write about what they’d learned.  Students were selected to come to an educational but fun-filled day for all the schools at the Department of Agriculture in The Valley. There were renewable energy, farming and other demonstrations as well as games and Earth Day themed prizes for the competitions.

To read all about it visit these articles:

“Earth Day a Fun Filled Success”

“Anguilla’s Children are Ready to Lead”

The Chairman of Anguilla’s Energy Committee Joins World Leaders to Discuss Climate Change at COP 15 Copenhagen

David Carty attended this very important international conference on behalf of the Energy committee. To read more click here.

The AREO and Green Anguilla Partner with Soroptimists to Encourage the Use of Reusable Shopping Bags.

The AREO encouraged local shoppers to “Say No to Plastic Bags” for more information click here.

The Energy Committee would like to thank OTEP wholeheartedly for its ongoing support of the AREO – it has been instrumental in the success of all the activities outlined above.


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