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Spain comes to the aid of Jamaican schools powered by solar energy

Following talks between the Governments of Jamaica and Spain during the recent visit of His Majesty the King of Spain, the Spanish Ministry of Industry and Trade has awarded a grant in the amount of Euros 97,350 to the Government of Jamaica for the Ministry of Education to undertake a study on the introduction of solar energy in public schools in Jamaica.

Silva-witnessed the Agreement on behalf of the Government of Spain

Silva-witnessed the Agreement on behalf of the Government of Spain

The project will allow the introduction of best practices in the energy sector of Jamaica, while helping to substantially reduce the energy bill of the schools of the country.

The initial feasibility study to be undertaken will include information on electricity and water consumption assessment to determine, inter alia, the actual electricity consumption of selected schools; a structural building analysis to identify and assess the most suitable areas for the installation of solar energy systems in schools, and analyses of solar energy systems to determine the solar energy system that each school can accommodate. It will also include economic and financial analysis and calculation of the initial cost of investment of each solar system, the return on investment for a maximum period of 15 years and the annual saving on the electricity bill by the introduction of solar energy systems.

Spain is currently one of the leading countries of the world in the production of energy from renewable sources with almost 20 per cent of its energy needs bein g produced from wind, solar or hydro energy. In 2008, it was the leading European country in the production of solar energy.

The contract was signed at the Ministry of Education on Wednesday, June 24. Ambassador Jesús Silva witnessed the Agreement on behalf of the Government of Spain while Minister of Education, Andrew Holness, signs on behalf of the Government of Jamaica, in the presence of Minister for Energy and Mining James Robertson. The local company CALA TELECOM Services will be undertaking the initial study.

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