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Jamaica || Solar water heating system to save Mandeville Hospital millions

The Mandeville Regional Hospital should see annual energy savings of $2.2 million as a result of a steam system energy efficiency improvement project and rehabilitation of its solar water heating system done by the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ).

The steam system project will result in a reduction in fuel consumption by some 20,583 litres of diesel per year, equivalent to an estimated annual saving of $1.48 million, while the rehabilitated solar water heating system will have an economic benefit of 30 megawatt hours per year, equivalent to a saving of $745,308, when compared to an electrical water heater.

Chief Financial Officer at the PCJ, Nigel Logan, who spoke at the handing ceremony on May 25, emphasised that Jamaica must use it natural resources to ensure that every possible reduction in imported fuel is realised.

“We have sun, we have a lot of wind, and we see where there is great potential for us to use our indigenous resources to reduce our reliance on fossil fuel, and to make each person, each household and every entity energy sufficient,” he said.

In keeping with the goals of the National Energy Policy and the mandate of the PCJ to develop Jamaica’s energy sector, the agency will continue to implement energy efficiency initiatives. The goal of the PCJ’s energy efficiency programme is to create a paradigm shift towards the use of renewable energy resources and energy saving technologies.

With technical support from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Ministry of Energy and Mining undertook a programme to complete energy audits throughout the entire public sector, in order to prepare an investment programme to improve energy conservation and efficiency.

An estimated capital expenditure of $7.8 billion (US$90 million), with total savings of $3.2 billion (US$43.5 million), is expected in just under two and a half years. There should also be a reduction of 200,000 barrels of oil per year, and a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions by 75,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

The hospital has a 220-bed capacity and serves an estimated 200,000 persons, and is administered by the Southern Regional Health Authority.

Source: Jamaica Observer

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