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Solar lights ALBA

With the installation of a production line which increases the current capacity of five, Pinar del Rio may increase this year from the manufacture of solar panels, designed to support projects of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA).

Like its predecessor, the new line is inserted in the Electronic Components Company of Ernesto Che Guevara, whose role has been crucial in rural electrification programs in the country and in nations such as Venezuela and Bolivia.
After enlargement, the production of panels in the industry only in Cuba, Pinar del Río producing this type of equipment, capable of converting solar radiation into electrical energy, will be able to reach an annual output of 10 MWp.

This means a considerable jump compared to 2 MWp which were the maximum production capacity so far, said the engineer Carlos Ivan Cabrera, Deputy Director of the Company.

Not as good as those manufactured in other parts of the world, photovoltaic modules leaving the factory covering different formats (from 5 to 160 watts) as the customer’s request and have a guarantee of long life. It is alleged that after 20 years of operation, maintain no less than 90% of its original power.

“We have always had a priority to upgrade technology, according to international standards, to ensure our market presence,” said Carlos Ivan. And as the numbers sometimes speak louder than words, explains that this means that 65% of 70 000 assembled panels have historically been exported to other countries, while demand is steadily growing.

“We try to be flexible to customer orders and make designs to order for specific applications such as maritime signals, which require systems with very specific characteristics.”

More favorable prices, the possibility of refining the designs, and above all autonomy to carry out social projects such as those embodied in the framework of ALBA are other virtues.

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