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Solar Energy Powering Reconstruction Efforts in Haiti

The humanitarian emergency in Haiti has resulted in a complete loss of the country’s power infrastructure. To bring it back, a host of companies and aid agencies are using the most plentiful resource on the planet to begin powering one of the biggest reconstruction efforts the world has ever seen: Solar power.

Everything from solar powered lights to solar powered ovens are being deployed to the country. Sun Ovens International is attempting to get hundreds of its ovens to Port-au-Prince, while solar panel manufacturer Sol is sending solar street lamps that will be used in hospitals to treat the injured at night. In Croix-des-Bouquets, a solar installation from Worldwater and Solar Technologies is now providing power to a school working as an aid center.

Solarworld is donating solar panels to power 10 water purification systems – enough to clean water for 175,000 people and significantly cut down on the spread of water-borne illnesses so prevalent after a major disaster. A Red Cross aid station is using a solar-powered mobile water purification system to clean an additional 30,000 gallons of water. Even solar-powered mobiles by Digicel are being sent to the region, so that a measure of communications can be restored.
Why solar? Diesel is expensive and in short supply. Sunshine however, is plentiful in Haiti. Score one for solar!


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