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Solar energy only part of the solution

An official from an international oil group says that if there should be a mandate here in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean to adapt to renewal energy fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel, the company would make the investment necessary to comply with that regulation.

Mauricio Nicholls, Managing Director of Rubis Eastern Caribbean, told the Business Monday that many countries had already introduced regulations to blend five to ten per cent ethanol (renewable fuel made from sugar cane) with gasoline.

Such blends were also being done with biodiesel. However, Nicholls pointed out that the continuing growth in demand for energy in the world meant that all forms of energy were needed.

In response to a question regarding the effects of government’s push toward the use of green energy such as solar power, he replied: “We don’t see it as a threat [despite the obvious negative impact in demand for petroleum] but as a necessary component…In the current world, all sources of energy will be needed to supply the continuing demand of energy.”

Nicholls added, “Solar energy power is just part of the solution, just like wind, geothermal, nuclear, thermal, hydroelectric, biofuels, petroleum and coal. All will be needed the supply the growing energy demands.”

Nicholls said that there was a high energy demand in Barbados, particularly given the number of vehicles driven, relative to the size and population of the country.

Barbados spent BDS$604 million on oil imports in 2010, compared to BDS$504 million in 2009. The Government of Barbados has been aiming to reduce the island’s heavy dependence on imported fossil fuels over the next 10 to 15 years by at least 30 per cent.

Its strategy involves encouraging energy consumers to be more efficient in their energy use, whilst promoting greater use of alternative sources of energy.



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