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SOLAR 2015 Conference Expanding Horizons: Shaping the New Energy Economy

Date:  July 28-30, 2015

Location:  The Pennsylvania State University

Solar 2015 (#Solar2015) will be hosted within a new environment at the Pennsylvania State University. ASES has worked with Penn State representatives to form an innovative affiliation, out of which the 60-year ASES Archive will now be held in trust and curated by the PSU Special Collections Library, and out of which we plan to expand opportunities for our new Emerging Professionals in Renewable Energy.

  • Expanding Horizons: Shaping the New Energy Economy
  • Help frame new approaches and innovations
  • Deepen connections with professionals and enthusiasts
  • Enrich your personal work

July 28-30 • The Pennsylvania State University • State College, PA
The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel

Looking back, the breadth of our past is expansive, demonstrated by our substantial Archive, embracing the rich history of solar science that made ASES a leader in communicating solar innovation for over 60 years. At the same time, today’s solar field is far from niche, having created a broad horizon of opportunities that are shaping society through the new energy economy, pursued by a new generation of students and emerging professionals.

The Solar 2015 event at PSU is an opportunity to explore a new approach to all of our ASES events, while embracing our storied past: a reinvented gathering that is immensely rewarding to the people who participate, unexpectedly entertaining, and profoundly inspiring to the next generation!
Created by solar enthusiasts and professionals, for solar enthusiasts and professionals, Solar 2015 will present:

  • Sessions for discussing pre-publication research at the forefront of your field
  • Forums for engaging in conversations and intimate exchanges on the next significant things.
  • Informal communities of experts
  • Great opportunities to network with your peers and meet thought leaders from the industry

Under this year’s theme “Expanding Horizons: Shaping the New Energy Economy,” Solar 2015 will embrace the story of our past, enrich our communities of today, and reveal the trends of the future. The American Solar Energy Society welcomes your involvement in shaping Solar 2015! With the addition of a new technical division of Energy Economics, and a continued focus on the next generation of Emerging Professionals and Education, we expect a compelling and rewarding event this year! The call is out for your submissions in the form of abstracts and forums, with selection guided by our theme “Expanding Horizons: Shaping the New Energy Economy”.

ASES will again draw on your expert voices to develop communicate new innovations and market intelligence addressing the “Sig”nificant developments in solar, sustainability, and building science. We are specifically looking for the Next “Sig” Thing in your abstract and forum submissions,  with submission review to include the following integrative arcs for development:

Renewable Energy Integration

  • Energy Economics
  • Next Generation Data
  • Solar Forecasting—Beyond Global Horizontal Irradiance
  • Emerging Roles of Energy Storage
  • Distribution Grids: Policy, Utilities, Microgrids, Markets
  • Transmission Grids: Transmission, Generation Flexibility, Markets
  • Cybersecurity
  • Impacts of Clean Air Act 111(d)
  • Environmentally aware buildings


Whole Building Systems and the Solar Community: Passive solar and resilient, regenerative strategies in the built environment for our communities

  • Resilient / Regenerative / Low-energy / Low-carbon architecture
  • Community and solar
  • Energy modeling / Simulation tools
  • Monitoring / Post-occupancy evaluations
  • Embodied energy and Life Cycle Assessment
  • Daylighting methods and case studies


Smart Systems Integration: Smart energy systems and their effect on energy economics; Buildings / Transport / Communities / Grids

Energy-Water-Food Nexus: Whole systems interdependence and resilience framing the concept of a Solar Ecology

Transformations in Energy Education: Innovations in solar, sustainability, and building science education

  • Interdisciplinary Approaches in Education
  • Modern Methods and Online Education
  • Sage of the Stage vs. Guide on the Side
  • Service-based learning and Social Entrepreneurship


ASES is also looking to develop our story! A complimentary outcome of this year’s event is the arc of Embracing the Past and Looking to 2050: A Storied Message. So we look forward to your contributions to two integrative tracks on story as well, suggestions welcome in your submissions.

  • Solar Stories: Where have we come from?
  • Future tales: plans and visions for 2050
  • The Millennial generation and renewable energy



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