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Solamon Executives Excited to Attend Upcoming Renewable Energy Symposium in Jamaica

Solamon Energy Corp. is pleased to announce two of its senior executives, Jay Yeo and Christian Giles, will be attending the upcoming Caribbean Renewable Energy Financing Symposium in Jamaica.  The conference will take place over two days in May and is attracting numerous individuals from organizations and government ministries, who will discuss innovative ways to finance renewable energy projects in the Caribbean.

The symposium is scheduled for the Half Moon Resort in Montego Bay from May 2-3, 2011.

“Given the many renewable energy opportunities to explore in the Caribbean,” explains Solamon CEO Graeme Boyce, “especially the heightened sense of awareness with respect to solar arrays, I am extremely confident both Jay and Christian will be extremely busy.  The people speaking at the conference will be explaining not only the financial viability of renewable energy to our potential customers, but also tax credit options and the variety of new funding vehicles available today.”

According to organizers, the conference speakers will evaluate the current state of the region’s renewable energy sector, the essential concepts guiding financing structures for renewable energy projects, and provide a road map for assessing the best deal structures. It is heralded as a vital forum for the region, and essential for any organization expecting to play a role in the renewable energy future of the Caribbean.

The program will also provide to attendees essential insights into making renewable energy projects attractive to private equity, venture capital, and multilateral investors.  Additionally, it will focus on overcoming key challenges for financing renewable energy projects through major players in the industry and will provide essential solutions to ensure successful and profitable projects.

Solamon Energy Corp. designs and installs integrated arrays of ground-mounted photovoltaic cells that are connected by cable to each other and to converters, batteries and transmission points, utilizing 5 acres of land per unit; each unit is called an Apollo Acre™.  Solamon is focused on packaging and delivering turnkey systems across the Caribbean, and seeks to open field offices in The Bahamas, Jamaica, Barbados and Puerto Rico.

The company is excited not only to deliver turnkey power plants using renewable energy sources, such as sun and wind, to Caribbean countries but that will also generate jobs locally, in terms of their commissioning and subsequent maintenance.  Our executives are thus not only looking for locations and partners to manage each Apollo Acre™, adds Boyce, but to also establish a suitable training program for implementation teams in collaboration with relevant government agencies.

For each customer, Solamon provides full management of each Apollo Acre™ installation, including site inspections, project design and development, as well as environmental and local permitting, 3rd party engineering, procurement, construction and system commissioning in conjunction with local partners.

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