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Solamon Energy Corp. proudly announced the launch of its Solar Calculator

Solamon Energy Corp. proudly announced the launch of its Solar Calculator this week, which is openly accessed on the Solamon website.  According to Jay Yeo, Solamon President, who recently concluded a whirlwind 4-week tour of Jamaica, alongside SVP Jamaica Ainsley Brown, this will prove to be a valuable tool to qualify commercial buyers in the market.

“The System Size Estimator pools solar irradiance data collected at several weather stations across Jamaica,” explains Yeo, “and provides a localized measurement of your energy needs.”

Visitors to the Solamon website can simply select the location on the map of Jamaica, enter the monthly electricity consumption and the site will calculate the approximate Solar PV system required to power the business or home.  “This is the first step to determining how your current energy needs translates into a renewable solar solution,” continues Yeo.  “Thus we’ve launched an easy-to-use System Size Estimator which calculates the PV system required to power their home or business with one click of a button.”

This is just one of the tools Solamon Energy provides today to determine local energy needs and educate the public on the effectiveness of solar for nations across the Sunbelt facing increasing energy costs.  Acting more like a business partner, clients hire Solamon Energy to implement renewable energy solutions that are not only reliable and efficient at any scale, but financially feasible and easily sustainable.

“Tools like these not only educate but foster conversation among the community,” concludes Yeo.  “It’s obvious the current energy crisis has prompted Jamaican business owners to say ‘enough is enough‘ and they’re finally taking matters into their own hands.  Assessing what size of system they need is a good first step towards energy independence.”

Solamon Energy typically offers a ground-mounted solar array of integrated photovoltaic cells over a package of land called the Apollo Acre™.  The company now also designs and installs custom solutions with local partners to provide roof-mounted and parking lot systems that are easily augmented by micro wind turbine technology and other innovative features.

About Solamon: Solamon Energy Corp. sells integrated arrays of ground-mounted and rooftop photovoltaic cells.  These solar power plants are connected by cable to varied transmission equipment, including converters, inverters and batteries, utilizing 5 acres of land per unit; each unit is called an Apollo Acre™.  Additionally, it is expected the company’s business activities will spin-off many jobs locally, given engineering, construction, unit commissioning and subsequent maintenance requirements

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