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Smart LED Street Lights For St James

220304Round Hill, HanoverThe Jamaica Public Service (JPS) Company Limited is slated to implement smart LED street lights, to be piloted in St James, by the end of the year.


“We will be implementing a pilot phase starting with smart street lights by the end of December this year, and that is exciting stuff. We are also implementing new and advanced systems on our network to improve our reliability, [and] reduce our outage times. So, I can tell you, for St James in particular, we are looking at capital investment of over US$2 million in infrastructure development just for St James,” disclosed JPS parish manager for St James and Hanover, Rasheed Anderson, during a recent St James Parish Council intersectoral meeting held at Round Hill Hotel and Villas in Hanover.

Rasheed Anderson, Jamaica Public Service parish manager

Rasheed Anderson, Jamaica Public Service parish manager

A smart street light, which is also referred to as intelligent or adaptive street lighting, refers to public street lighting that adapts to movement, sounds and video by pedestrians, cyclists and cars. The light dims when no activity is detected, but brightens when movement is detected. The lights are interconnected with each other through the Internet, a server and a monitoring centre. It also has embedded in it tracking devices that can be used if the lights are stolen.

Additionally, the lights are capable of acting as a closed-circuit television or video surveillance that is capable of assisting the police and other agencies with incidents of crime, motor vehicle crashes and traffic management. However, there are varying degrees of smart lights based on manufacturers.

“They can communicate with traffic lights. You driving on your way, and you probably get a text message to say a parking is up the road. That is the kind of technology that we are putting into the street lights. We also will be able to detect [road] accidents,” Anderson disclosed.

Close-up of smart LED light

Close-up of smart LED light

This will be another first for St James, as just last week Wednesday the light and power company signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with West Indies Home Contractors Limited (WIHCON) for the development of smart homes in Meadows of Irwin in the parish. The houses are expected to be ready by December.

Meanwhile, mayor of Montego Bay, Glendon Harris, in his remarks at intersectoral meeting, suggested that JPS use the Montego Bay Community College as the testing and servicing ground for the project.

Mayor Harris said the St James Parish Council is currently moving to develop Montego Bay into a smart city with the assistance of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Korean Government.

“We have gotten to the stage where I have had to be a presenter, even in China. I presented in Dallas, Texas. Just recently I presented in Hamburg, Germany, on the smart city initiative. So your humble servant here has been recognised by the IDB and UNESCO on our initiatives that we have taken in Montego Bay and how we have moved to get things prepared so that we can become a smart city,” disclosed Mayor Harris.

He further explained: “Our side of the smart city will be that even for parking you will be able to just look at a board and know where to park. You can look at your smartphone and know what time a bus is coming. You can look at your smartphone and know which is the best route to take to get to where ever you want in the city.”



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