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(Closed)SECCI Funds- Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Initiative

Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Initiative


The SECCI Funds were created from funds put forward by the IDB (SECCI IDB fund) and by International Donors (SECCI Multi-Donor Fund: Spain, Germany, Italy, Finland, United Kingdom and Japan). The purpose of the funds is to finance activities under SECCI, aiming at expanding investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, increasing access to international carbon finance, and the mainstreaming of adaptation to climate change into the policies and programs across sectors in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

What kinds of activities are eligible?

SECCI Funds can be used to hire specialized consulting services, purchase goods necessary to carry out studies and conduct other activities specifically related to the preparation of projects related to the four strategic pillars. Following this line, SECCI Funds can be used for technical assistance, project preparation, feasibility studies, demonstration projects, pilot projects or programs, investment programs, partnerships, training and knowledge dissemination.

Who is eligible to receive SECCI grants?

Eligible institutions include government ministries, climate change designated national authorities, planning agencies, public and private corporations, sub-national governments (regional, provincial, state and municipal), private project developers, NGOs, and academic and research institutions.

What requisites must the projects have?

Eligibility criteria for accessing the SECCI Funds include: (i) consistency with SECCI principles and with countries’ medium-long term energy strategies; (ii) evidence of financially viable market opportunities; (iii) country/client ownership; (iv) degree of innovation and value added; (v) institutional and environmental sustainability; (vi) degree of coordination and synergies with other funds; (vii) public-sector partnerships; and (vii) donor coordination.

What are the Financing Modalities?

SECCI resources will be provided under two modalities:

a) Non-reimbursable technical cooperation or investment grant operations, and

b) Contingent recovery technical cooperation or investment grant operations.

Contingent recovery operations are applicable when SECCI resources are utilized for the preparation of a non-sovereign guaranteed investment project and the IDB is not subsequently involved in the financing of such project.

SECCI Operational Process

How do I apply?

In order to apply for SECCI funds please fill out and submit the SECCI “Expression of Interest Form”. This form should be submitted to the SECCI mailbox at Projects should meet National and IDB Policies as well as International best Practices Standards.

Who reviews the applications?

Once received, formularies are reviewed by the SECCI Eligibility Committee. The Committee is composed by the Country Representatives and Coordinators, the IDB Divisions related to the proposal, the Grants and Co-financing Unit, and the Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Unit. The Committee grants eligibility in relation to the project’s technical feasibility, the relation to Initiative’s objectives, the IDB’s priorities in the country and the availability of funds.

What else is needed in the application process?

Depending on the type of project a Letter of No-Objection by the responsible Governmental Entity will be required.

Should I contact the local IDB Representation?

SECCI recommends that all project developers contact the Local IDB country office in order to obtain information on IDB in-country procedures. Country offices provide information regarding IDB programming priorities, governmental requirements, procurement information and other relevant information, pertaining to the country of interest.

What is the difference between Technical Cooperation and Investment Grants?

Technical Cooperation(up to US$ 1’000,000): This type of operation can be used for hiring specialized consulting services, purchase of goods necessary to carry out studies (up to 30% of total budget), and conduct other activities specifically directed to preparing projects related to SECCI. These operations require a 20% local counterpart.

Investment Grants (up to US$ 1’500,000): This type of operation can be used for the procurement of works, goods, equipment and related services (transportation, insurance, etc), pilot projects in technology development and adaptation, as well as consulting services required for such investment. Local counterpart is evaluated on a case by case basis.

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