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Saint Lucia Steps up Energy Efficiency Projects




Dr. James Fletcher – Energy Minister, Saint Lucia | Photo: Ministry of Sustainable Development, Saint Lucia



Saint Lucia has joined a number of Caribbean Islands determined to implement sustainable energy policies through the promotion of energy efficiency applications and renewable energy use. The main goal is the reduction of the cost of energy to both the private and public sectors.


The Government of Saint Lucia is pursuing a number of initiatives aimed at finding alternative sources of energy and reducing the cost of power. The island has joined a regional movement alongside four other Caribbean Community (CARICOM) islands, to identify ways to improve energy efficiency in buildings. The move is part of a larger plan by the Government of Saint Lucia, to focus on energy conservation and generate 35% of its electricity from renewable sources.


Energy Minister Dr. James Fletcher says more efficient lighting of streets is also a key priority for government. “That’s significant. It will allow government to reduce its bill. We pay LUCELEC (the electricity company) somewhere in the vicinity of 11 million dollars every year just for street lighting and the LED lights should allow us to cut that figure by at least 40%, so I’m quite encouraged by that,” he said.


Presently, the price Saint Lucia pays for fossil fuel generated electricity is among the highest in the world. The exorbitant rates have result in the government’s urgent need to conserve energy and reduce costs. John Michel brought the idea of energy efficient lighting in buildings in Saint Lucia to reality for companies and households.  The pioneer says at a time of energy security worries, the goals must always be conservation. “Lighting consumes about 20% of energy globally. This causes a major challenge in a world facing resource and climate changes.


Energy efficient lighting can help. Energy efficient lighting is a real possibility today,” he said. The Caribbean region imports in excess of 170 million barrels of petroleum products annually, with 30 million barrels used in the electricity sector. The governments of the region are hoping to address high energy consumption by focusing on energy efficiency measures. One of the biggest financial backers for development projects in the Caribbean, the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), has declared energy security a major component of its 2015-2019 Strategic Plan. Energy security and efficiency, as well as the use of renewable energy are now factors in all technical assistance and investment projects that the bank will consider funding in Caribbean member states.


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