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Saint Lucia Observes Energy Awareness Month 2016

The Renewable Energy Division of the Department of Sustainable Development is hosting the annually observed Energy Awareness Month from November 07th – 30th, 2016.

This year marks the thirteenth year that Saint Lucia is hosting this event.

The observance of activities during Energy Awareness Month aids in the promotion of national education and awareness on sustainable energy issues and also in the advancement of the use of sustainable energy technologies.

St. Lucia boasts of being the region’s pioneer in the observance of Energy Awareness Week, (EAW) with this year being the 13th of its kind. The EAW model was adopted by CARICOM in 2011 and is now observed by all CARICOM member states.

The theme presented this year by CARICOM is “Sustainable Energy for Sustainable Development”. The theme is an acknowledgement of the potential contributions that sustainable energy options can make to economic development, social advancement and environmental management within CARICOM countries. In particular, the ability of Caribbean folk to make decisions and choices on the way in which they access and utilize energy is expected to be enhanced through the broad engagement of stakeholders is expected throughout CEM.

For the month, a suite of national commemorative activities have been organized to facilitate the participation of the citizenry of Saint Lucia in the observance.

These activities include a “Carpooling Week” November 14, to18, 2016, Chiffonen Day on November 17, 2016, an Electric Mobility Road Show on November 26, 2016 School Visits on November 9,  to 11, 2016 a Public Transportation Challenge on November 14, 2016 to December 2, 2016 and the second annual Energy Kilo Walk on December 4, 2016.

The Renewable Energy Division encourages citizens to support the various activities which will be advertised across the media.


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