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Saint Lucia Explores the Feasibility of Discontinuing the use of Incandescent Light Bulbs

CFL Bulb

In October 2008, Cabinet agreed to continue the Energy Saving Light Bulb Project within the Ministry of Communications, Works, Transport and Public Utilities. This project has been initiated by the Cuban government with the main aim of reducing the cost of electricity per household.

The project activities began in the communities of Anse-La-Raye and Canaries and have been extended to Micoud, Dennery and Choiseul. The energy efficient bulbs are currently being distributed to consumer at no charge.

It is anticipated that the reduction in energy bill will help to ease the strain of the global economic crisis on Saint Lucians. The Ministry of Trade, Industry, Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Investment has been entrusted with the responsibility of assisting local retailers with the procurement of high quality energy saving bulbs at low cost. The Ministry also has been consulted as an advisor for levels of concessions to be provided for the importation of energy saving light bulbs in order to make them more cost-effective to Saint Lucians. These measures among others will be taken to ensure the sustainability of this initiative beyond the project life.

In March 2009 updates on the project’s progress revealed that the bulbs replaced, represented 9,000 households who have agreed to participate in the programme. The outcome of this project will help determine the feasibility of banning the importation and use of incandescent bulbs in Saint Lucia.

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