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Roban in Barbados green energy talks

Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Strategy Minister Walter Roban took part in a panel discussion on energy issues in Barbados last week at the Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum 2011.

The panel also included the Minister responsible for energy in Barbados, Senator Darcy Boyce.

Bermuda has set a target of deriving 20 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2020, while Barbados’s target is 29 percent by 2029.

According to a Government press release, both Ministers agreed that it is essential for each country to focus on the development of skills to support a vibrant renewable energy industry, and saw great potential for the creation of jobs as a result.

“The Forum far exceeded my expectations,” Mr Roban said. “It is clear that many of our friends to our south share our view that our future energy sustainability requires a focus on renewables and a decrease in a reliance on fossil fuels.

“Each of us has access to sunlight, wind, and oceans. Each of us, in various ways, are exploring how these renewable sources can play a role in reaching our policy goals.”

While at the Forum, Minister Roban, accompanied by his Permanent Secretary, Dr Derrick Binns, held discussions with the Chairman of CREF, Jerry Butler, about the possiblity of Bermuda hosting the Forum in 2013.

“As the Forum is traditionally held in October, and with upwards of 300 delegates likely to attend, hosting such an event in Bermuda would bring much needed economic activity to Bermuda during our shoulder months,” Mr Roban said.

The Minister also discussed possibilities of support for a number of infrastructure projects that Bermuda will soon need to consider, including an expansion of water production and distribution, utility scale renewable energy options, and LED street lighting. Given the need to increase energy efficiency and increase the necessary skill sets to support the renewable energy industry, Minister Roban also held discussions with organisations able to train Bermudians to provide energy audits.



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