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(Closed) RFP – Drilling of Geothermal Wells in Roseau Valley – Dominica

The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica through the Ministry of Public Works Energy and Ports – Geothermal Project Management Unit, intends to procure the services of a drilling contractor to drill at least three geothermal wells in the Wotten Waven / Laudat  area.  The objective of the project is to prove the existence of high enthalpy geothermal resource suitable for commercial generation of electric power and to determine the capacity for sustainable exploitation. Services to be provided by the contractor include mobilisation and demobilisation of the drilling rig and associated equipment, drilling of at least three wells, provision of cementing, drill-pipe inspection, and vertical drilling expertise. The provision of drilling mud and related additives and well testing services will also be required. More…. rfp-drilling-of-geothermal-wells-dominca

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