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Renewable energy project for fishing community

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Consumer Affairs, and the University of Vermont have officially opened their third renewable energy project in the village of Praslin.

Chief Sustainable Development Officer within the Ministry of Physical Development, Crispin d’Auvergne, says much work has been done in an effort to develop Saint Lucia as a sustainable energy demonstration country.

He says it is the aim of the Department of Sustainable Development to continue planning the development of more alternative energy facilities, thus making it possible to significantly reduce the cost of importing fuel.

“The east coast in Saint Lucia, has already taken the lead of renewable energy. For one thing, we have this facility we are launching today. We also have some micro-hydro facilities in this district and if things go according to plan, LUCELEC will, in the not too distant future, establish a 12 megawatt wind farm on the south-east coast.”

To date, the Micoud-North constituency boasts three alternative energy sites—the recently opened wind farm in Praslin, and two micro hydro-power generator and solar panels at La-Tille falls.

Parliamentary representative for the area, Honourable Jeanine Compton, says government will look into other areas of alternative energy.

“I am going to encourage the government, and the ministry of agriculture to look seriously into bio-gas production, because we have many pig farms on the island.  What is happening now, is the waste from these farms are going directly into our sea and bathing water and we don’t realize the damage it is doing to us. If we could utilize that [pigs waste] as a source of renewable energy, I think that could take us a long way.”

The University of Vermont has pledged its continued support to the government of Saint Lucia in its quest to tap into alternative energy methods in the future.


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