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Renewable Energy Green Investments

As part of our focus on green investments, one of the areas GreenWorld is most excited about are renewable green energy investments – another way to answer the question of why go green?

During the last several years, there has been a boom in corn-based ethanol for use in cars.  However, whilst ethanol made from corn does replace a small amount of crude oil, in practice it has some quite negative side-effects.  In particular, the conversion of corn to ethanol has been heavily responsible for the skyrocketing price of corn in the last 2-3 years, which in turn has also contributed to substantial political unrest.

Renewable green energy does not, however, need to come solely from corn.  So-called “second generation” renewable energy sources that come from non-edible plants are the key to truegreen investments in renewable energy.  Second generation “Green Oil” – which is derived from non-edible sources such as millettia (pongamia), jatropha, and camelina – can either be burned directly or converted by chemical processes to make green renewable energy.

These plants are not part of the human food chain, they are easily grown, and do not contribute to global warming in any way.  Many Governments have recognized the importance of renewable energy investments and have developed targeted plans or mandates to grow this key sector in their economy.  These mandates create an opportunity to profit from green energy projects that benefit from a ready-made “captive-customer” such as a utility, which dramatically increases the safety and profitability of green investment.

GreenWorld is excited to introduce an alternative Investment that involves the purchase of raw land and trees that will be used for renewable energy in the state of Queensland in Australia.  The project involves the production of green renewable electricity from the Millettia Pinnata tree, whose flowers produce large amounts of oil that can be used to make electricity and do not require prime arable land otherwise used for food production.

As we have noted previously, if you are involved in global investments, there is an advantage to investing in a developed country such as Australia.

How it Works?

  • You purchase a share of a millettia tree plantation in Queensland, Australia.
  • Once you have invested, you are a land lease in GreenWorld’s plantation, and the lease is fully registered in your name at the Australian Land registry.
  • You can choose to invest in either a 5 year term or an 8 year term.
  • You receive annual dividends.  These dividends start at 4% and are projected to increase up to 17% per year.
  • All of your initial investment capital is returned at the conclusion of your investment term.

The projected total return on the 8 year investment is over 100%, and it is 80% on the 5 year investment.



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