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Renewable Energy Entrepreneur Advocates Bigger Targets For Fossil Fuel Reduction

renewable-energy-sourcesThe government of Antigua & Barbuda’s 20% renewable energy penetration target is good, but not good enough.

This is according to Chante Codrington, director of Wadadli Industrial Renewable Energy (WIRE) Limited, who believes that the nation would benefit from setting greater targets.

At the recent opening of the 3 megawatt Sun No 2 Solar Power Plant, Prime Minister Gaston Browne reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to a 20% reduction on dependence on fossil fuels.

“We can do better,” Codrington declared. He is of the view that a small island such as Antigua & Barbuda is well placed to shift to renewable energy.

“Antigua is only 108 square miles and only someone who has been living in Antigua would know how big 108 square miles is. So we have to make sure that every square foot of land is optimized to its fullest potential,” he told OBSERVER media during an interview on Monday.

He commended the government’s renewable energy investment in bringing online the new plant, located on Sir Sydney Walling Highway. “I think it’s a start. It’s not the end all, be all, but it’s definitely a start,” Codrington said.

However, his company, WIRE Ltd, has long pressed the Cabinet for approval to construct an offshore wind farm, which, he said is an even greater shift toward cheaper renewable energy.



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