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Renewable Energy & Energy Efficient Items Exempted from GCT in Jamaica




A new part 1C has been added to the Third Schedule part 1 of the GCT Act for energy saving devices:

1.     The following lighting equipment –


(a)       compact fluorescent lamps and ballast;


(b)      fluorescent fixtures and tubes;


(c)       circular fluorescent lamps


(d)      fluorescent ballasts;


(e)       high intensity discharge fixtures and bulbs;


(f)       fibre glass panels for sky lighting.


2.     Automated, electronic or computerized lighting control system including occupancy sensors and photo-cells for such systems.


3.     Solar panels and tubes for solar water heating systems.


4.     Solar cells designed to produce electricity from the sun.


5.     Apparatus or machinery designed to produce motive power heat, light or electricity through the utilization of renewable sources of energy, for example, sun, wind and water.


6.   Solar driers


7.   Solar electric fans

8.   Solar electric refrigerators

9.   Solar water pumping system and accessories

10.  Solar street and walkway lamps

11.  Parking area and security solar lighting systems

12.   Brackets and mount for solar lights

13.   Bulbs for solar powered systems

14.   Lighting control units

15.   Occupancy sensors

16.   Seven day and twenty-four hour timers

17.  The following water saving equipment-

(a)   water saving shower heads

(b)   flow restrictors for water faucets

18.  Power factor correction capacitors

19.  Ice thermal storage air conditioning systems

20.  Air conditioning chillers with rotary screw compressors

21.   Polyurethane foam insulation for roofs

22.   Reflective films for glass windows

23.   Photovoltaic panels

24.   Charge controllers

25.   Safety disconnects

26.   Load breakers

27.  Negative bonding blocks

28.   Transfer switch

29.   Inverters

30.   Photovoltaic batteries

31.   Wind turbines and support accessories



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