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Updated: Final Prototype PPA for Renewable Energy Projects – Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

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Updated on June 25, 2012- The Final Prototype Power Purchase Agreement that was developed under the IDB-funded Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Project for CARILEC.

The Position Paper on Regulation and Renewable Energy that was also prepared under the same Project.
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Background on Project

In 2009, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) provided grant funding in the amount of US$537,100 to the Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation (CARILEC) to implement the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Project for CARILEC over a three-year period.  The Project is also supported by counterpart financing of US$131,000 from the executing agency, CARILEC.

The main objective of this 3-year project is to enhance the capability of CARILEC to assist its utility members in improving their energy efficiencies and promoting the use of renewable energy technologies and alternative fuels in the Region. To achieve these objectives, the project includes the following components:

1) Benchmark Studies to provide technical data and performance indicators that will greatly help utilities improve their energy efficiencies,

2) Development of a prototype Power Purchase Agreement to help encourage the deployment of Renewable Energy technologies,

3) Developing a Position Paper from the utilities’ perspective on Regulation and Sector Reform to minimize barriers and establish incentives for Renewable Energy technologies and alternative fuels,

4) Capacity building training programs in conducting energy audits, carbon markets, renewable energy, alternate fuel technologies, energy management and energy efficiency improvement technologies.

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