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Promoting Energy Security- Final Declaration of the Fifth Summit of the Americas

We recognise that energy is an essential resource for improving the standard of living of our peoples and that access to energy is of paramount importance to economic growth with equity and social inclusion. We will aim to develop cleaner, more affordable and sustainable energy systems, to promote access to energy and energy efficient technologies and practices in all sectors. We will aim to diversify our energy matrices by increasing, where appropriate, the contribution of renewable energy sources, and will encourage the cleaner, more efficient use of fossil fuels and other fuels.

We reaffirm the sovereign right of each country to the conservation, development and sustainable use of its own energy resources. We will continue to promote efficient and transparent energy resource management for achieving sustainable development in all our countries, taking into consideration national circumstances.

We support the exchange of experiences and best practices and will seek to cooperate, where appropriate, in the implementation of energy efforts in the Hemisphere. We recognise the potential of new, emerging, and environmentally friendly technologies for diversifying the energy matrix and the creation of jobs. In this regard, we will encourage, as appropriate, the sustainable development, production, and use of both current and next generation biofuels, with awareness of their social, economic and environmental impact. In accordance with our national priorities, we will work together to facilitate their use, through international cooperation and the sharing of experiences on biofuel technologies and policies.

Read more on Promoting Energy Sceurity in the full Final Declaration here.

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