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Project in Dominica reports successfully testing of third well drilled

The geothermal project in Dominica in the Caribbean reports that tests on the third geothermal well drilled are promising with a potential of several MWs with a full size well drilled.

Reported last week from the Caribbean state of Dominica, there are positive news from the exploration project in the country.

The project in the Roseau Valley on the island state report that “the third well located in Wotten Waven was officially tested.

Will Osborne of the geothermal resource group told GIS news that this morning’s exercise proved rewarding for engineers.

“This is a WW1, excellent result; it looks very strong so far… The potential I would guess is about a couple of megawatts at least but it’s only partially open. This is just a small diameter test well so for a smaller well, this is a very good result.”

Alexis George of the Geothermal Energy Project spoke with GIS news on Wednesday morning about the exercise and what it could mean for Dominica’s energy production pursuits.

“The well looks very good so far, we still have to determine how much energy it has but so far it’s very good… This was a good decision that they actually took to go ahead with the exploration. It’s been a number of years that we’ve been speaking about geothermal energy. Finally we got the chance to do the testing and prove the resource so now it’s nothing but a positive outlook for the geothermal energy project in Dominica.”

George explained what’s next for the island’s geothermal energy project.

“Next we will be compiling all the results from the three wells. [We will] then find out the size of the reservoir, the quality to see how much mega watts we can generate from the reservoir and then we’ll be looking at a small power plant possibly…”

Two Icelandic firms are involved in the project, Iceland Drilling and ISOR.

Source: Inside Dominica

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