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Preliminary Duty Free List for Alternative/Renewable Energy

The Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda has reinforced the Government’s commitment to the promotion of renewable energy solutions by approving the waiver of duties and taxes on the importation of renewable energy and energy efficient components.
Items to which the concessions apply are listed below:
1. Solar Panels
2. Solar Panel Racks
3. Solar Water Heaters
4. Solar Pumps
5. Solar Hot Water Storage Tanks
6. Photo Voltaic (PV) Module Panels
7. Solar Cells
8. Solar Panel Mounts
9. Solar Water Pool Pumps
10. Solar Lighting Systems with Mirrors
11. Sun Tracer/Sun Tracker
12. Inverters (To convert direct current to alternating current)
13. Rectifiers (To convert alternating current to direct current)
14. Charge Controllers
15. Surge Protectors
16. Wind Turbine Tower
17. Wind Turbine Blades
18. Wind Turbine Shaft
19. Wind Turbines and Generators
20. Solar Batteries
21. Deep Cell Batteries
22. (Battery) Charge Controller
23. Battery Boxes.
24. Battery Switches
25. Transfer Switches

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