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Photovoltaics Entering the Saint Lucian Landscape

Solar energy technology is gradually becoming part of electricity generation process in Saint Lucia. The country is soon to benefit from a pilot project that seeks to popularize the use of renewable energy technologies particularly photovoltaic (PV) technology. The aims of the projects are as follows:

  1. To demonstrate the applicability of photovoltaic electricity in Saint Lucia.
  2. To demonstrate net-metering and the contribution of small scale renewable energy power producers to the main grid.
  3. To demonstrate the possibility to increase the contribution to renewable energy to Saint Lucia‘s energy mix.

Photovoltaic are not new to Saint Lucia. The Bouton school in the south western part of the island has been using PV technology since 1999. There have also been some smaller projects such as signage for the local community college and some traffic lights are also powered by PV.  Saint Lucia is well positioned to take advantage of solar energy as it receives plenty of the suns radiation due to its geographical location. Although the cost of photovoltaic is very high, this can be recouped if the excess power can be sold to the main grid through net-metering.

The sites chosen for this project are all public buildings with a high degree of visibility. The first site is the Castries central market, which is located in the heart of the island’s capital. This market is used for the sale of fresh produce, clothing, souvenirs and is visited by both locals and tourist. A 4kW system is planned for this building. The second site is the National Trust building at the Pigeon island which will receive a 12kW system. This is mainly a recreational site but the Saint Lucia National Trust whose headquarters is being used for the installation is seeking to reduce its electricity consumption offset its carbon emissions. The final site is a secondary school located in the south of the island which will be the recipient of a 2kW system.

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