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Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica, RE and EE

The overall goal of our energy efficiency programme is to induce lasting structural and behavioural changes in the marketplace, resulting in the increased use of energy efficient technologies and more responsible behaviour.  Better energy efficient programmes result in consumer savings, reduced energy and water usage, businesses that are more profitable, less pollution, improved electrical system reliability and a reduction in foreign currency outflow.


Renewable Energy Initiatives (Wind, Solar, Waste to Energy, Biofuels)
In keeping with the goals of the National Energy Policy and our mandate to develop Jamaica’s energy sector, the PCJ has been developing Jamaica’s renewable energy resources to ensure that it avoids significant emissions of green-house gases and other air pollutants. The National Energy Policy has established renewable energy targets of 12.5% by 2015 and 20% by 2030.

To date PCJ initiatives have resulted in 9% (by installed capacity) of Jamaica’s energy being generated from renewables. The Centre of Excellence for Renewable Energy (CERE), a division of ours and our subsidiary, the 38.7 MW Wigton Windfarm have been at the forefront of this development.


Wind Energy: Wigton Wind Farm Limited (WWFL)
WWFL operates a 38.7 MW wind farm in Manchester, Jamaica.

· Wigton I  (Existing):
*31,824  barrels of avoided oil imports and
*45,119  tonnes of CO2 emission reductions

· Wigton II ( Recently Commissioned):
*27,826 barrels of avoided oil imports
*39,452 tonnes of CO2 emission reductions and

Plans are underway for the completion of a feasibility study for a 1 MW grid-connected solar farm in Portmore, Jamaica.  The solar feasibility study will seek to determine the technical, economic and policy feasibility of constructing and operating such a system.

Waste to Energy
The Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ), the implementing arm of the Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEM), is collaborating with the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) to realize the development of a waste to energy system that will use the daily municipal solid waste stream to generate electricity.  The waste is to be converted by a thermal mass burn incineration process.


Highlights – Retirement Project
·         20 MW of electricity potential
·         219,200 tonnes of waste conversion capacity per year
·         200,000 barrels of avoided oil imports
·         160,000 tonnes of CO2 emission reductions


Highlights – Riverton Project
·         45 MW of electricity potential
·         545,000 tonnes of waste conversion capacity per year
·         500,000 barrels of avoided oil imports
·         400,000 tonnes of CO2 emission reductions

Inaugural PCJ Energy Expo – “Energy Solutions for All”, August 19 – 21, 2011: National Arena, Kingston, Jamaica

The primary aim of the expo is to provide Jamaicans, including the general public, home owners, business operators, industry professionals, representatives of the Government of Jamaica, bankers, engineers, academics, environmentalists and the media with:

Access to energy saving technologies and products.•Information on the availability of renewable and energy efficient technologies.•Information on emerging business opportunities in Energy.


Energy Seminar Series
On Wednesday February 9, 2011 the PCJ launched its energy seminar series under the theme “Jamaica’s Energy Future” as part of its efforts to foster informed public discussion on energy. The fourth seminar in the series will be held on Wednesday May 4, 2011 in the PCJ auditorium, 36 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 10, commencing at 5:30pm.



  • ‘Financing Options for Renewable Energy Projects for the Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (MSME) sector’ by Howard Martin, Manager of the Energy Fund, Development Bank of Jamaica.
  • ‘Energy Efficiency and Conservation in the Industrial Sector: Cuba’s Experience’ by Carlos Martinez, Ministry of Basic Industries, Cuba.
  • ‘The Cuba-Jamaica Light Bulb Project’ by Jesus Diaz Carmago, Ministry of Basic Industries, Cuba.


Nigel Logan is the Acting Group Managing Director of the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ), a post he has occupied since April 2010. Before holding this post, he accumulated a wealth of experience in senior leadership and management positions in both the private and public sectors, specifically accounting, banking, public sector procurement and project appraisal. He served as Group Chief Financial Officer at the PCJ from 2008 to 2010 and Principal Finance Officer at the Ministry of Health from 2000 to 2008.

While at the Ministry he held various other positions including Chairman, Fees Committee; Chairman, Audit Committee, National Health Fund and Chairman, Ministry of Health Sector Contracts Committee.

A Chartered Accountant and former student of Jamaica College, Mr. Logan is Honorary Secretary of the Kensington Cricket Club, Manager of the Kensington Cricket Club Super Cup Team and Member of the Board, Student’s Christian Fellowship and Scripture Union.


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