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Petersfield High Students Exposed to Careers in Energy

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), through its Caribbean Clean Energy Program and in collaboration with Eight Rivers Energy Company and the Clinton Climate Initiative hosted a career-focused session on May 30 for students at the Petersfield High School.


With the sun as an abundant source of renewable energy now rapidly being harnessed commercially in Jamaica, new jobs are being created and the clean energy development partners deemed it an opportune time to conduct this session, exposing over 300 grade nine students to the array of jobs that will become available in this industry.


The session was held at the Westmoreland-based school with hopes of inspiring the young minds to consider a career path in energy as they now contemplate their specialized area of study for the next academic year.


International guest speaker at the USAID-funded event, Project Manager of the Clinton Climate Initiative Alexis Tubb talked the high schoolers through the process of constructing a solar photovoltaic (PV) power station and explained the diverse list of energy-related positions that are needed when executing large-scale projects of this nature.


Project Manager of the Clinton Climate Initiative Alexis Tubb via LinkedIn.


The list ranged from Project Managers, Land Surveyors and Engineers to Researchers, Environmental Impact Specialists and Community Liaisons, whose skills are all vital during the planning, engineering, implementation, operation and other project phases.


“We at the Clinton Climate Initiative were thrilled to participate in today’s session because we know that youth are the future. When the students of Petersfield High School grow into the leaders of tomorrow, they will have the power to build a future that is brighter, healthier, and more prosperous for the people of Jamaica,” explained Tubb.


Giving insight into what it is like to work in the energy sector on the Paradise Park 37 MW Solar Power Project, currently the largest solar PV installation in the Caribbean, was Project Manager and Mechanical Engineer, Wayne Grant.


His testimonial presentation stimulated the curious group as he shared his journey of becoming an energy expert and how in addition to his technical abilities, having a combination of soft skills and a sound educational background played a key role in his success.


“The community is the centre of our development and the youth is a key component of the community. Eight Rivers Energy Company is ensuring that our youth are aware of the role they play in a future that utilizes clean energy and is environmentally sound,” Grant commented.


The enlightening 2-hour inspirational session concluded with a dynamic performance from the edutainer, Randy McLaren who gifted the students with his engaging Reggae-Dub Poetry lyrics and a special piece on energy conservation.



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