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PDM cautions that renewable energy is ‘far off”


THE OPPOSITION party believes that the total conversion to renewable energy is still a far way off for the Turks and Caicos Islands even as it commends FortisTCI for the recently announced steps towards green power.
PDM leader Sharlene Cartwright Robinson recently told the media that while the party sees renewable energy as a wonderful thing, its position is that something needs to be done now to reduce the cost of electricity.
She commended the Government on signing the TCI on as one of ten countries to cut reliance on fossil fuels as part of Sir Richard Branson’s project with the Carbon War Foundation.
“Renewable energy is still untested; we don’t know how much it will be able to replace fossil fuel or whether it will be more costly or what,” the party leader said.
She added that the people of the country continue to pay heavy energy bills while waiting for FortisTCI’s pilot project on renewable energy to be completed.
“So we are saying, look at what you can address now. We are not saying don’t look at it, but right now look at fuel, look at perhaps how we can barge fuel directly into the country as opposed to paying duty in the Bahamas and then trucking it over. Look at a trans-shipment port.”
She said these are tangible things that the party sees as having more benefits to the country.
On February 19 the utility company announced its intentions to position the TCI to benefit more from environmentally friendly power production.
As announced in a media statement, these plans include the installation of solar panels and a wind turbine.
This, the company said, will assess the viability of renewable energy, and if proved financially and technically workable, large scale commercial systems could be installed at the plant in less than two years.
During the energy summit in the British Virgin Islands earlier this month, TCI Governor Peter Beckingham indicated that he is aware that converting some of TCI’s current 100 per cent dependency on fossil fuel will be challenging.
But he signalled the country’s intention to work closely with FortisTCI to see how their initial plans for solar and wind power can be built on. (DI)



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