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PCJ moves on St James hydropower project

The Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) hopes to interest potential investors in building a hydro plant in St James after it has completed topographical and geotechnical survey of Great River, located in the parish.

PCJ managing director Ruth Potopsingh said a 1970s feasibility study had shown the river had the capacity to generate eight megawatts of electricity.

The study, which is funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), will determine the capacity of the river now, which could be higher given improvement in technology or lower due to changes in climate and water resources.

The IDB has fronted US$161,000 for the project, while the PCJ will put up around US$80,000 — mostly in kind through its technical resources.

Potopsingh noted that an essential part of the project was the techonology transfer component that was built in.

“A number of students studying topographical and geotechnical studies will work with the consultants to train and teach them and carry them in the field,” she told the Business Observer yesterday.

In December, the PCJ’s Centre of Excellence for Renewable Energy invited consultants to submit proposals for the provision of services for a topographical and geotechnical survey.

Potopsingh said that the PCJ is currently discussing the terms of the contract with the selected consultants.

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