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Paulwell pushes for renewable energy

Energy Minister, Phillip Paulwell. – File

Energy Minister, Phillip Paulwell. – File


Energy Minister, Phillip Paulwell, says the Government has began to aggressively pursue the addition of energy from renewable sources into the country’s energy mix in order to achieve the target of 20 per cent of energy and 30 per cent of electricity coming from renewable sources by 2030. 


Speaking in the Budget Debate today, Paulwell said the government had removed the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica’ s exclusive right to develop all renewable energy projects in Jamaica, freeing the way for the OUR to issue a Request for Proposals to procure 115MW of energy generated from renewable sources. 


The Minister said bids would be opened in June and when installed, the 115MW will increase Jamaica’s electricity capacity generated from renewables to almost 50 per cent of the target. 


He said the addition of the 115MW from renewable sources would save the country the equivalent of over 700,000 barrels of imported oil annually or about US$55 million. 


Paulwell identified the introduction of net billing last year as an important companion step in Jamaica’s quest for renewables. 


Net billing allows self generators of electricity from renewable to sell excess capacity to JPS and so far, he said, over 50 net billing licenses had been granted. 


The Minister said the Government had also mandated the Government Electrical Inspectorate to work with applicants to bring all photo-voltaic systems designs so those not up to standard could be connected.



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