Energy Situation in Dominica

As a small Caribbean island nation with no proven reserves of conventional energy, Dominica is heavily dependent on imported petroeum products for electricity generation, transportation, cooking and other energy requirements. Dominica has an energy mix with more than 96% petroleum base and about 4% hydropower. In 2016, 67% of Dominica’s electricity supply came from diesel generation with the rest provided by hydropower.

The sole provider of electricity in Dominica is utility Dominica Electricity Services Ltd (DOMLEC). DOMLEC is a majority privately-owened utility, with 52% of its shares being held by Dominica Power Holdings Ltd., a subsidiary of Light & Power Holdings Ltd (LPH). LPH is a subidiary of Emera Inc of Canada. Dominica Social Security holds 21% of the company’s (DOMLEC) shares, and the remaining 27% are held by the general public … Read More

CIPORE Focal Point Office
Michael Fadelle
Ministry of Trade, Energy and Employment
Government of Dominica
Tel: ( 767)266 3309
Fax: (767) 448 0182
Country Facts:

-Size (km2): 750 sq. km
-Population (2015): 72,680
-Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 2015: US$517.2M
Per Capita: US$7,116
-Energy (Electricity) Expenditure as a percentage of GDP: 13%
-Human Development Index 2015: 0.724 (rank 81/187)
-% Population Access to Electricity : >95%
-% Population Access to Modern Fuels: 100%
-Energy Sources and % Contribution: Diesel 70% /Hydro 30%
-Installed Generation Capacity (kW): Hydro 6,640/Diesel 20,100–Firm Capacity (kW): Hydro 3,200/Diesel 14,860
-Peak Demand (kW) 2016: 17,766
-Energy Production (kWh for 2016):
(Diesel – 75,422,000 kWh. Hydro – 36,367,000 kWh)
114,000 kWh of RE (solar) purchased by the utility
-Energy Sold (kWh for 2016): 99,384,000
-Fuel Efficiency (kWh per Imp. Gallon: 2016): 17.9%
-Diesel Fuel unused in Generation(Imp. Gallon: 2016): 4,217,167

Top 3 energy consuming sectors: 2015
– Domestic – 45,847,000 kWh (45.55%)
– Commercial: 40,820,000 kWh (41.2%)
– Industrial: 9,492,000 kWh (9.8%)


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