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Our Hope for a Green Caribbean


A new hope in renewable energy sources is being pioneered in the Cayman Islands by way of the electric-vehicle (EV) industry, with a view to long term economic and ecological sustainability.


John Felder, President and CEO of Cayman Automotive, announced that Cayman Automotive has reached an agreement with Budget-Rent-A-Car in Grand Cayman that their company will be the first to offer 100 percent All-electric vehicles EV’s for rent in the Caribbean.


Mr Felder says that by increasing the proportion of EVs on Cayman roads, the island would cut expensive petroleum imports. He said, “Adding solar powered charging stations would reduce expensive diesel-powered electricity production, thereby rendering the air cleaner.”


The Green initiatives about which Mr. Felder speaks are likely to propel the Cayman Islands to center stage, and potentially create a massive change in the way people act and think about their own carbon footprints.


“Visitors from all over the world will be welcomed to our islands with an emissions-free choice of transportation,” said Mr. Felder. “When visitors observe our natural environment, tourists will understand why we have worked so hard to introduce EV’s here, and throughout the Caribbean.”


Gearing up for a boom in the local tourism industry, Brian Krug, President of Budget-Rent-A-Car of Grand Cayman is also very enthusiastic. “We are proud to be the first rental car company in the Caribbean to rent electric cars starting this winter and hope to build upon this concept going forward.”


Pleased to support any initiatives which will serve to protect the environment in the Cayman Islands, Mr. Krug says, “Our tourists visit this island to enjoy the natural beauty, and we must do everything we can even in the smallest way to preserve it.” The first vehicle that will be offered for rent through Budget-Rent-A-Car Cayman will be the Wheego LiFe, which is manufactured in California, where most of the EV’s are assembled in the U.S. The corporate headquarters are in Atlanta Georgia.Susan Nicholson is VP, PR & Corporate Communications for Wheego All-Electric Cars. Ms. Nicholson said, “We are excited for Cayman Automotive as they continue to innovate and advance environmental causes in the Caribbean. They have been a wonderful ambassador for our vehicles, and we look forward to introducing our EV’s to a broader audience through Budget Rent-A-Car.”


The Wheego LiFe runs on an electric motor and is powered by rechargeable battery packs. Traveling approximately 100 miles on a single charge, the Wheego LiFe can be recharged from any 100V outlet, or from a solar panel charging station, which have been already strategically installed throughout the Cayman Islands and will generate electricity using pollution-free solar cells, thereby reducing the carbon emissions to zero. Mr. Felder further emphasized that The Wheego LiFe All-electric among a fleet of EV’s will serve an important role in protecting the natural environment of the Cayman Islands and beyond for generations to come.


EV’s are therefore proving that they are pivotal in paving the way to many environmental benefits. They emit no tailpipe pollutants and also reduce on road vehicle noise. By offering better air quality EV’s are helping to significantly reduce greenhouse gasses (GHG) emissions.


Cayman Automotive has exclusive relationships with seven franchises for the distribution of EV’s throughout the Caribbean and as new markets emerge, Mr Felder says, “Cayman Automotive is poised to lead the revolution on economic and environmental sustainability throughout the Caribbean and help change the world with the use renewable energy sources such as EV’s, solar and wind power.” Leading the way on the green revolution, Cayman Automotive is perfectly situated to export new and pre-owned vehicles throughout the Caribbean including EV’s, motorcycles and scooters, which are available at their new offices and showroom located at Grand Harbour, 1053 Crewe Road – Unit C9 Grand Harbour in Grand Cayman.



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