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OPM Sees 34% Decline In Electricity Use With Conservation Programme

Jacqueline Lynch-Stewart

Jacqueline Lynch-Stewart

Kingston, Jamaica (JIS) — The Government’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Programme (EECP) has enabled a number of State entities to effect essential operational changes in order to conserve energy.

The programme’s objective, which aims to change their approach to energy consumption, has been evident in several ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) that have adopted effective conservation practices.

Notable among these is the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM).

Acting Chief Technical Director for the OPM’s Planning and Development Division, Jacqueline Lynch-Stewart, tells JIS News that there has been a 34 per cent reduction in the amount of electricity used by that office since its implementation of the EECP.

She outlines that the first and second phases of the process entailed the installation of solar tinting and cool-roofing features, while the third, now under way, involves air-conditioning retrofitting.  Additionally, Lynch-Stewart says smart meters have been installed in each building.

She explains the meters are connected to the computer system, which facilitates the monitoring of electricity at each location. This, she adds, will identify where spikes in consumption occur and determine the reasons.  In so doing, Lynch-Stewart says it will enable the OPM to better guide employees on measures to effectively address these.

Two measures expected to go a far way in this regard are the installation of sensors, which enables lights in rooms to be switched off when persons leave and the appointment of energy wardens to monitor this activity.

The acting chief technical director says the OPM has been proactive in enlightening the staff on energy-saving upgrades and tips by, among other things, placing posters outlining this information at strategic locations at the office.

These tips are also disseminated electronically to each member of staff weekly, she adds, with the hope that they will have a positive impact on them at work and personally by effecting “total behaviour change”.

Lynch-Stewart is of the view that “if all of us in Jamaica reduce our energy consumption, then we all benefit as citizens living on this little rock”.  She believes the impact of the energy-efficiency campaign is great and states that “people are more conscious now”.

Lynch-Stewart contends that “little things like that encourage people to participate in the whole energy-conservation activity here in the ministry as well as in their homes”.  Other engagements which have been carried out under the EECP are energy audits in organisations islandwide and sensitisation sessions promoting energy conservation.   Sensitisation and promotions have also been undertaken through print, television and radio features.

The programme, which aims to achieve a five per cent annual reduction in the Government’s energy consumption, has realised savings of $100 million, and is now in the monitoring and verification stage of implementation.


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