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Operating fourth solar park in Cuba



The fourth solar park on a large scale in Cuba is already generating electricity on the outskirts of the eastern city of Guantanamo.


Power is provided to a circuit of the municipality where there are located 6 thousand 500 state and private customers of the Local Electric Company.


The engineer Mabel Ramirez Lopez said that only the first stage is synchronized in Santa Teresa-Los Guiros Park, with 0.6 Mega Watts peak capacity.


She added that late October will be ready the second phase, with a similar capacity to the present one and that before the end of the year, the third and bigger one will culminated so that the plant will reach its design capacity of 2.5 MW peak.


Santa Teresa-Los Guiros Park covers 4.5 hectares and consists of 10 thousand 800 photovoltaic panels model DSM -240- C, made in Cuba. It operates fully automatically, since it connects and disconnects the national electricity system in correspondence with the amount of sunlight received by the combs. 


These constituents have an estimated of 25 years and they are designed to withstand winds up to 150 kilometers per hour. 


This solar park is the leading renewable energy investment is made in the Guantanamo province in 2013.


The Cuban government plans to increase the use of renewable energy, so it is making the leap to photovoltaic solar power on a large scale throughout the country.


Cuba had a four percent of renewable energy in its energy mix in 2012 and expectations step up to cover10% with clean sources by 2020.



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